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OpusFSI v.5.00.12 P3D
 Combines three or more programs into one user friendly interface.
* Sets new standards of performance and realism.
* Ideal addon for cockpit builders and general users alike.
* Ideal addon for both standalone and networked simulator systems.
Live Weather engine for live detailed weather as far as the eye can see, instant
   weather updates and perfect weather synchronization across all systems.
* Opus pioneered the use of Dynamic Weather Themes making it possible to
   give you detailed real world weather horizon to horizon for the very first time.
Accurate Weather throughout your flight.
Accurate Destination Weather when over 200km away, with perfect
   weather reports at any distance to any point en-route.
Live Weather Assistant displays dynamic weather maps including visibility, 
   temperature, precipitation levels, winds, cloud cover and Met station coverage.
Flight Planning Assistant provides dynamic in-flight weather reports and more.
Site Effects for additional turbulence and wind shear effects within 80 km of the 
   airfield resulting from local features such as terrain or obstacles on approaches.
Live Weather Overview and Locator provides overview maps of weather 
   conditions and a search facility to locate weather matching your criteria.
* Save your own World Weather Themes from the current weather to reload later.
Relocate Weather from any place in the world to your current location.
Client Side Weather Control enables you to edit flight parameters and display 
   weather data on a networked client PC.
* User friendly Live Camera control, configuration and docking interface for virtual
   cockpit, 2D cockpit, external aircraft views and world views.
* Additional support for windowed views for systems equipped with multi-
   screened computer systems.
Dynamic head movements or virtual cockpit camera shake based on actual
   real-life captured 3D accelerometer data.
Dynamic aircraft movements or 2D cockpit camera shake based on actual
   real-life captured 3D accelerometer data.
Automated head movement to assist taxiing and banking in a turn.
* Import or create Panning Sequences such as aircraft 'walk arounds' which can 
   be assigned to a shortcut button/key or camera views.
Live Camera Control (LCC) for adjusting the eyepoint in VC, 2D, or Custom 
   views using a GamePad, the LCC dialog arrows, or key/button shortcut controls.
* Synchronized networked views, aircraft status, weather and cloud formations.
* Ultra high performance IPC communications between networked systems.
* TrackIR® real-time 3D view control full compatibility.
GPS output for navigation packages such as SkyDemon®.
ButtKicker® Gamer 2 interface for added vibrational feedback.

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